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Open, honest communication with your doctor and your family is important so that you can receive the best care. So see your physician when you suspect that there may be a problem. Once your condition is confirmed, get complete information on all modalities of treatment and make the proper decisions, in consultation with your doctor and family, and taking into considerations the other possible existing physical conditions and potential side effects and drug interactions of all therapies prescribed. It is important to evaluate the long term maintenance and cumulative toxic side effects of prescribed medicinals. Stay involved with your treatment decisions by asking the right questions. Then, after you have charted out a course of treatment, measure your progress on a regular basis.

ARTREX as a natural product for supporting healthy bones and joints may be an aid when prescribed arthritis medications are indicated. Please consult your physician to determine how ARTREX can support your treatment needs.

Why use complementary and alternative therapies?
Approximately one in every four people worldwide have bone and joint disorders. If you have arthritis, you may suffer from chronic pain. It can limit your ability to perform daily activities, leading to isolation. Over time you may start to feel disheartened. But you don't have to suffer in silence. Ask your doctor about treatments that can help you manage your arthritis pain and resume your daily activities. The choice is in your hands, whether to suffer silently in pain, or to take a supplement that helps control the inflammation and pain, yet without the side effects seen with some of the prescription drugs.

Advantages of ARTREX
Compared to other supplements for bone and joint health, ARTREX has

- Early onset of Activity
- Supports the Body's inflammatory and immune response functions*
- Precise blend of four well documented extracts working in harmony
- ARTREX does not interfere with glucose or lipid metabolism
- Consistent and effective over long periods of time*
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