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ARTREX® is a unique product from Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARTREX® is protected by US and other country patents. Artrex® contains standardized extracts of four herbs to offer a synergistic effect for long term bone and joint health. Each tablet contains extracts of:

Name of the plant mg per tablet
Withania somnifera Dunal (Ashwagandha) 180
Boswellia serrata Roxb. (Salai Guggul) 180
Zingiber officinale Roscoe. (Dry Ginger) 48
Curcuma longa Linn. (Turmeric) 36

Withania somnifera, Linn Dunal

Known as "Winter Cherry" in common English and Ashwangandha in Sanskrit, Withania somnifera Linn Dunal occurs throughout the dry areas of India. It is a cultivated in parts of India, Australia, Sri Lanka, China and South Africa for its medicinal properties. Ashwagandha is used in Ayurveda and Unani systems of medicine for treatment of pain, skin diseases, inflammation and rheumatism, and immune system disorders. The medicinal properties of Withania somnifera are attributed to the presence of several alkaloids and lactones in a class of constituents called Withanolides.

Habitat Withanolide D

Boswellia serrata, Roxb

Commonly known as Salai guggul, the gum resin of Boswellia Serrata Roxb. is a traditional remedy for inflammatory conditions in Ayurvedic medicine. The extracts are widely used for various inflammatory diseases including arthritic conditions. The resinous exudate from Boswellia serrata contains boswellic acids as its prime chemical constituents.

Habitat Withanolide D

Zingiber officinale, Roscoe

Botanically termed as Zingiber officinale, Roscoe Ginger is widely used as domestic spice in dried and fresh forms. A native of tropical Asia, it is cultivated in India, Australia, China and Jamaica and in parts of US for both culinary and medicinal applications. Ginger and its use is well documented as an anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic (nausea), anti-obesity and anti-cancer effects.

Habitat Gingerol

Curcuma longa, Linn

Known for its culinary as well as medicinal uses worldwide, Turmeric is botanically termed as Curcuma longa. It is acclaimed for a wide range of medicinal applications since ancient times. The biological activities of Curcuma longa are attributed to its curcuminoids and to the presence of volatile oils, such as tumerone and zingiberen. In recent years, Curcuma has been documented widely for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic and hepato-protective activities.

Habitat Curcumin


Today, bone and joint health is the # 1 cause of disability in the world. Whether it is inflammatory and immune-system triggered or an effect of long term degeneration, bone and joint conditions affect daily activity and Quality of Life. Therefore, it becomes imperative to design the health support to address these trigger factors in a synergistic fashion. Available scientific evidence suggests that the biological activities of these ingredients touch different facets of inflammatory mechanisms simultaneously*. Thus, ARTREX has significant clinical applications in the management of bone and joint health, for long-term supplementation, in a safe and effective manner.

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