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"This is to confirm my belief in ARTREX, both the capsules and cream for use in the relief of joint pain and stiffness. I was first attracted to ARTREX through the National Arthritis article about the herbs contained in the formula. Boswellia is used as an immuno modulator to relieve joint inflamation caused by the immune system seeking to remove toxins from the joints. It is much healthier to approach pain relief this way than through the various over the counter anti inflammatory drugs. Ashwagandha's qualities for soothing and relaxing in a more general sense also support the process on the physical and psychological level. Turmeric, with its bitter/pungent taste assists in drying and cleansing toxins from the body. Finally, ginger warms and supports the overall process of cleansing and rejuvenation. I use the cream and formula personally on a regular basis and have a number of clients who have done the same over an extended period of time. I would like to see the formula in a more potentiated version and I believe this would bring even more users of this effective product which is firmly established in Ayurvedic Pharmacology."
Dr. David Broussard
Director, The Ayurvedic Center

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