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Bioved Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is committed to the discovery, development, pre-clinical and clinical testing and marketing of proprietary plant based pharmaceuticals for difficult to treat diseases in human beings. The Company has strategically organized its research and product portfolio into the following two divisions:

- Ethical Prescription Products
- Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

Bioved has pipeline pharmaceuticals in the following areas, which have completed significant development:

Ethical Prescription Products

Products developed for submission to the US FDA (and equivalent bodies in other countries) for New Drug Application (NDA) approvals.
- Immunology
- Cardiovascular Disease
- Central Nervous System Disorders

Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements

ARTREX™, a novel, U.S. patented oral formulation for long term maintenance of bone and joint health.
ARTREX™ Cream, a topical pain relief for muscle and joint aches.
Liver Dysfunction, a standardized oral supplement in the management of alcohol and drug induced hepatic disease.

Through its state of the art facility, The Bioved Research Center provides a spectrum of contract research services in Drug Discovery and Development for international companies. These include chemistry, formulation and pharmaceutical dosage development, pre-clinical, clinical and toxicology studies. The Center provides rapid, customized analysis and reports using innovative information technology and laboratory testing menus for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Ayurveda and Bioved
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