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What is ARTREX ?
ARTREX is a natural, validated, dependable and highly effective supplement for maintaining bone and joint health and mobility.

ARTREX is an all natural blend of specialized extracts from four plants. The extracts work in harmony, to give the maximum benefit. The extracts are purified and standardized to give the highest level of consistency, value and potency in each capsule. ARTREX was granted a United States Patent in 1996, for a novel formulation and use.

How ARTREX Works ?
Each extract in ARTREX has been scientifically shown to help maintain healthy joints. ARTREX has been specifically designed to support the body's inflammatory and immune response function.* Three of the four extracts in ARTREX have anti-inflammatory* activity and the fourth extract supports the body's immune response function* which is believed to be significantly involved in the cause of different bone and joint conditions*.

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